Relationships During the Campaign

My boyfriend Chris and I have been dating for over a year now. One of the biggest challenges that our relationship has had to face has resulted from my being involved with the Fair Wisconsin campaign. As any veteran of political campaigns will tell you, it's not easy to find time for much outside of the campaign--especially as Election Day draws near. Surprisingly, by my count, at least half of the staff members here in the Madison office are currently trying to juggle their extended hours in the office with their personal hours at home with a loved one.

I sat down with Chris last night to talk about our relationship in the context of the campaign. Here's some of what he had to say.

Q: Do you think that my involvement with the campaign has been helpful, harmful, or neutral for our relationship?

A: Harmful. Being in a campaign is very demanding on a relationship. You have to put up with your significant other's long, indefinite hours, last minute emergencies, and you are constantly living by their (and the campaign's) schedule. The course of the relationship is really out of your hands and is controlled by the needs of the campaign.

Q: How have you dealt with my long hours since the campaign started?

A: I got a second job. I needed the extra money and it beats sitting around at home by myself.

Q: Would you be willing to start a foundation for significant others of people in campaigns?

A: Yes!

Q: What do you think about the campaign?

A: I think it's good. I agree with what you're fighting for. I hope that you have passion for your cause but that your passions are tempered with rational, reasonable discourse.

Q: How will you feel on November 8th when we win?

A: I'll feel that Wisconsin is on the right side of history. It might be one of those living history moments where you will always remember where you were when it happened. I would be proud to be here in Wisconsin when it happens.

Q: I know that you really like music. If you could choose a theme song for our campaign, what would it be?

A: "All The Young Dudes" by Mott The Hoople

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Chris looks hot in his "Chips" get-up!


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