Seniors Getting Informed, Getting on Board

Lately, it seems like more senior citizens are getting involved with Fair Wisconsin. Many tell us they are concerned not just with the impact of the ban on gay people but also on unmarried, non-gay seniors.

The Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups opposes the ban because of these concerns. Here is an excerpt from their February 2006 memo to members of the Wisconsin Assembly:
Thousands of older persons are in committed relationships that would come under the definition of a "legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not shall not be valid or recognized in this state." But older couples are in these types of relationships for very valid reasons, including loss of pension (e.g. railroad retirement), not wanting to jeopardize the inheritance of children, the creation of trusts to support a surviving spouse, etc.
Renee Crawford elaborates on this today at Crawford's Take.

Today's Capital Times also takes up this issue with coverage of a forum on the ban at a senior center in Madison. A senior and supporter of Fair Wisconsin (who just happens to be called Joe Elder) presented the case against the ban; Julaine Appling was there to argue for it. Fair Wisconsin has a fantastic volunteer who is currently working to organize forums at other area senior centers. If you're lookinging for a trained campaign speaker for this or other kinds of education events, contact us.

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