"This ban does nothing to advance our values"

One of the things I love most about working at Fair Wisconsin is our staff. We’re lucky to have extraordinarily talented, kind, and hard-working people in each department—field, communications, and finance. Liz Fujii works with the finance department, and she dedicates long, hard hours to organizing events and helping donors plan and raise funds at house parties.

But recently, she proved that her talent isn’t just in raising money.

Liz wrote a powerful op-ed for Asian Wisconzine urging the Asian American community of Wisconsin to vote against the ban.
As a fourth-generation Japanese-American woman born and raised in Hawaii, it feels unnatural to label our community as distinctly Asian American or identify myself as a minority. My home state is English-speaking and American, but predominantly of Asian ancestry, Japanese ethnicity, and mixed race. I am a U.S. citizen who speaks only English. Asian. Japanese. Mixed. Growing up in the majority, I never felt belittled, discriminated against, invisible, or even different. Blessed to thrive in a culture steeped in the best of Asian values and American opportunity, I oppose this ban for simple reasons: we can and should nurture all of our children with the best of all of our worlds. As Asians we value strong families, hospitality, work ethic, and respect for elders. As Americans we strive for equal rights, democratic ideals, and opportunity for all. This ban does nothing to advance our values as, frankly, a constitutional amendment should. To invite injustice where it needn't be can only demean our ideals and aggravate life's challenges.
She concludes:
Prejudice and fear can't be tamed; just eliminate them. Denounce them not in one place, but everywhere. A unified Asian American community can reject this ban for what it is: an unnecessary, harmful, and discriminatory misuse of the constitution. We should reject this ban. We should know better.

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