Will Wisconsin Be the One?

Sunday's Appleton Post-Crescent featured a story that explored whether Wisconsin could be the first state to turn back a civil unions and marriage ban.
Among them Wisconsin is unique, a battleground state where opponents of the ban think for the first time they can defeat such a proposal, which also would prohibit civil unions between heterosexual couples that allow them some of the same legal rights as marriage.

“It’s one of our top priority states, and I think it is for many of the national organizations,” said Tim O’Brien of the Human Rights Campaign, a Washington-based group that opposes gay marriage bans.

“When you look around the country, at those states that have constitutional amendments coming up in November ... in Wisconsin it looks like all stars are aligned.”

Proponents of the ban, however, also can count on support from national groups, and from powerful religious organizations.

Julaine Appling, executive director of the Family Research Institute of Wisconsin, which is in favor of the ban, said national organizations will lend support, if not dollars, to her group’s efforts.
It also features a more personal perspective:
Jim Larson of Appleton understands how people could oppose same-sex unions.

“At one time I was there,” said Larson, who began to rethink his stance 12 years ago when he learned he had a gay son. “If you don’t know what the bogyman looks like... you can crouch and be fearful.”

No single issue is closer to Larson and his wife Jan’s heart than the proposed amendment.

“I see in this amendment a misunderstanding of people. I see a fear of the unknown. I see a political pandering,” he said.

“These are people who are crying out to be recognized as persons of worth. They are people who feel that just because they were born this way they are second-class citizens. There’s nothing of choice here.”

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At 10:27 PM, Blogger Paul said...

I think these sorts of personal statements will really help us defeat this amendment in November, especially if they appear in media in smaller, perhaps more conservative, towns.




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