You helped us raise over $1M since March

Everyone here at the office is in a great mood today. In case you haven't heard, we raised $1.2 million dollars since launching Fair Wisconsin. Campaign manager, Mike Tate, announced the news to our mailing list today.

Says Mike:

This is a campaign that seeks to do what many believe is not possible.

The cynics, naysayers, and keepers of the status quo do not think we can defeat a civil unions and marriage ban here in Wisconsin.

DC insiders think that the people of Wisconsin will fall for the politics of division and extremism and vote yes to a ban that hurts families in every corner of our great state.

At Fair Wisconsin we believe these cynics have met their match.

We have a single goal: defeat the proposed civil unions and marriage ban in November.

To do that we need to build the largest grassroots campaign Wisconsin has ever seen. As many of you know we are over 6500 volunteers strong, with volunteers knocking on thousands of doors in every county, over 2000 trained speakers, and 26 regional Action Networks.

But it will take far more than just thousands of Wisconsin citizens committed to volunteering with us. To win, we need to raise a lot of money.

Ten days ago we announced our goal of raising $30,000 online by June 30th. Together, we far exceeded our goal and raised over $42,000.

But that's not all. You helped us reach another milestone in this campaign. We have raised over $1,200,000 since we launched Fair Wisconsin in March and we currently have over $1,000,000 in the bank.

More important than how much we raised, is how we raised this money. Over 5,000 individuals gave money to our campaign, and over 90% of you live in Wisconsin.

This is a campaign run by Wisconsinites, funded by Wisconsinites, and one that will be won by Wisconsinites standing up and saying "No" to a ban that threatens our values of fairness and family.

This is an important and exciting accomplishment, and it was made possible by your generosity and commitment. The fight is long from done. We are going to have to raise even more money, recruit more volunteers, knock on more doors and talk to hundreds of thousands of voters.

We ask a lot of all of you. We are going to ask for even more as we build toward victory in November.

But on behalf of myself and the rest of the Fair Wisconsin staff, we want to thank all of you; from our faith leaders talking in their churches, to our speakers presenting to so many different groups, to our canvassers in every region knocking on doors, to our phone bankers, our office volunteers, and to all of you who donate your time and money. Your contribution makes victory possible.

All of you provide the inspiration to the staff at Fair Wisconsin.

Onward to Victory!

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At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Jeff said...

I'm from Pennsylvania, and just made a donation in honor of the fact that Pennsylvania's state amendment - which originally would ban both marriage and civil unions - has just been defeated for this year.

Some background: Our House passed an amendment which would ban both marriage and civil unions. Our Senate stripped the civil union ban out of the amendment, passed a marriage only ban, and sent it back to the House. Showing their hypocrisy about how they only wanted to "protect marriage", the sponsors in the House would not support anything which would not ban both. The House adjourned last night until September, which means it can't pass in this legislative session. (Like Wisconsin, an amendment has to pass in 2 consecutive sessions to qualify for the ballot. The earliest any amenment could now be put on the ballot is 2009.)

Anyway, when our House passed their hateful amendment banning both marriage and civil unions, I felt like I was just kicked in the stomach. Having discrimination enshrined in a Constitution is so wrong. Keep up the good fight. Fair-minded Pennsylvanians are behind you. (But for any Badger football fans out there - Penn State is still going to kick your butts on 11/4!)


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