Ballot Measures Falter in PA & IL

Some good news over the weekend. Maybe additional signs that civil unions and marriage bans are losing steam?

In June, we wrote about conflict between the Pennsylvania House and Senate over the scope of a proposed constitutional ban. The House had approved a two-sentence ban, but a number of Senate Republicans felt it was unnecessarily harsh to outlaw civil unions, so they stripped that sentence out of the amendment. The House failed to take up a compromise measure before the Legislature recessed. This means it's highly unlikely that the measure could make it to the 2007 ballot.

In Illinois, it looks like an effort to put a non-binding measure on this November's ballot is likely to fail. According to the Associated Press:
A check of 64,000 signatures--a 19 percent sample of more 330,000-plus submitted--did not find enough registered voters to put a measure on the ballot that would ask voters if the state should amend its constitution to ban same-sex marriage, said elections board spokesman Dan White.


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