"Bring it on"

Llewellyn King shares his changing view on gay people and on the ban in this weekend's Wisconsin State Journal.

He grew up with prejudices against gay people, but later changed his mind when "Too many gifted people, too many nice people, and too many of my friends were gay."

And again, when the news of the proposed civil unions and marriage ban surfaced his initial reaction was to vote for it. "But," King says, "I have come to believe that gays' desire to marry -- particularly among mature gays -- is as real as it is for heterosexuals."

He continues:

Andrew Sullivan promotes marriage in his blog with a passion not common. One of his blog readers wrote:

"Marriage is absolutely nothing like being partners/boyfriends/lovers. It is so incredibly richer than I ever imagined it could be. Even though our marriage is Canadian and isn't recognized in the U.S., it is recognized by our families and friends and co-workers, and most importantly by us. You have no idea the treasure that has been kept from gays and lesbians because we haven't been able to marry. It isn't just a one-time act in front of an audience, it is a life-altering event joining two people as one."

If that is an attack on the institution of marriage as we now know it, bring it on.

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