"Come, for all are welcome at the table!"

Often in my blog posts I write from a very Christian frame and belief. However, our Faith Outreach efforts here at Fair Wisconsin are not limited to dialogue and action within the Christian community. We work in an ecumenical fashion with all religious beliefs that are working and vigilant against the ban. Our website keeps a full list of many different faith communities that have joined us at the table.

Last night, I was pleased to welcome the Madison Chapter of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship to that table. I was invited to join this wonderful group of “sentinent beings” for a time of silence, meditation, connection, and discussion at the Madison Zen Center.

After a short question and answer period, the group to came to a concensus on a resolution to oppose the ban. It reads:
The Madison Chapter of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship opposes the proposed Wisconsin constitutional amendment prohibiting civil unions and marriage for same-gender couples, and encourages a “NO” vote on the constitutional amendment. As Buddhists, we support freedom, justice, civil rights, and equal protection under the law FOR ALL PEOPLE, and oppose any constitutional amendment or other legislation that selectively identifies and deprives a group of its civil rights.
The resolution is a great addition to our efforts, but the big story for those us involved in a life of faith, is a common thought or belief that transcends this world. This thought is wrapped up in these two sentences the group will use in talking to other Buddhists about the ban.
We look beyond our apparent differences, and come to know the fundamental qualities we share as human beings. With practice, we will learn to no longer divide ourselves from one another, but rather bring peace to all, withoutexception.
No matter what makes us different from one another, gay or straight, black or white, male or female, there is equality at the table placed before us. A table ordained by, and that we are invited to by God, as we understand him.

“Come, for all are welcome at the table!”




At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see the Capital Times article that Madison's EconoPrint donated $254 to the "Yes" campaign?

Here's the phone number if you want to join me in calling them out: 608-251-3520.


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