Constant Change

If there is one constant in a campaign, it is that there are no constants. Just when things start to get comfortable and familiar they end up changing. Right now Fair Wisconsin is in the midst of many, many changes. With new staff being hired all the time, roles and responsibilities have been shifting and changing quite a lot in the past few weeks.

Things feel particularly crazy for me here in the Madison office. Last week we hired three new staffers (Nathan, Lori, and Jennifer) to assume responsibilities for the field work in the Madison area. As a field staffer myself, one of my responsibilities has been to help train the newbies on all the tasks that come with their new positions . . . tasks that I used to have to do on my own. It never occurred to me just how many things I did each day until I had to start teaching others how to do each of those tasks themselves!

My story isn't unique. The same situation is playing out in our offices all across the state . . . from Milwaukee to Eau Claire. The fact of the matter is that there is just so much work to be done between now and November 7th that even as we hire more staff, the work continues to pile up.

You can see from our calendar just how much is going on statewide -- and how much volunteer help we're going to need to win.


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