Far-Reaching Consequences in Michigan

Yesterday the conservative American Family Association of Michigan filed a lawsuit to stop Michigan State University from offering domestic partner health insurance.

They say offering health benefits to partners of gay employees violates their 2004 amendment to their state constitution.
By providing same-sex benefits, MSU is "recognizing same-sex marriage in substance, if not by label," [Attorney Patrick] Gillen said.
It’s no secret that Wisconsin’s ban is crafted in such a way that if passed, existing legal protections between gay couples—like domestic partner health care plans—could be taken away.

Several public and private employers in Wisconsin currently offer DP benefits, but the University of Wisconsin does not. In fact, it is the only Big 10 school that doesn’t offer DP benefits. Should the ban pass, it is extraordinarily unlikely that the UW could ever offer them.

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At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Ryan said...

I wish the other side would be honest about everything they intend to do with the amendment. Appling claims it will only be to define marriage and won't prevent anything else. Sure, that's what they say now. But experience in other states proves that they have more on their agenda than just "defining marriage."

At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Kent Walker said...

I sent Julaine Appling an e-mail last night asking her to reiterate the statement that she made about this amendment not taking away existing rights. Now that the equivalent group to hers in Michigan is suing to take away existing rights, I asked if she can promise that her group would not also do this in the event that the amendment passes. I will be interested if she replies. It was a nice note, I wasn't nasty. I will post it her if I get a response.


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