In the Park, at the Fair, and at the Concert

Fair Wisconsin volunteers are active across the state talking with voters in the balmy summer humidity. From the Jackson Park Concerts over the lunch hour in Green Bay, to the concerts at Houdini Park in Appleton, to the fairgrounds at the Fond du Lac County Fair, we are engaging voters on the issue. Our main goals are to make sure people understand the full far-reaching consequences of the ban, and to get "No" voters involved in the campaign.

Earlier this summer, I went to the Jackson Park Concert in Green Bay and went from quilt to picnic table to yard chair, kneeling, sitting, and squatting to talk with voters one-to-one. At first I worried that people would not want to be disturbed while relaxing in the park, but I always found that people were interested in listening to what I had to say. Of course folks occasionally explained way-too-politely that they disagreed, but most appreciated the information and many pledged to vote "No".

I find it a truly ‘ground-shaking’ activity to talk about how the ban would affect gay and non-gay families in one of the more conservative parts of the state. I’m sure very few of the people ever expected to be approached to talk about gay families while sitting in the park. But without exception, we have civil, respectful, and informative conversations.



At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

Thank you, Lindsey, and everyone else who continues to have conversations! You are correct that the more we talk about it, the more people are inclined to vote "no."

The Badger Poll released Monday again confirmed this. Proof that getting information in people's hands is key.

* 59% of Wisconsin believes that non-married couples should have full rights in civil unions.

* 53% of Wisconsin are planning to vote "yes" to ban these unions.

Do the math. This means that 14% of the folks at a picnic are planning to vote YES but would vote NO if they actually knew what the amendment will do to non-married families.

Unfortunately, these numbers are pretty much unchanged from the last time a public poll asked both questions.

But the other revealing thing about the Badger Poll was that, although 53% overall plan a "yes" vote, knowing a gay person is a big factor in influencing people:

* 41% who know someone gay will vote "yes."

* 70% who don't know someone gay will vote "yes."

Although the pollsters didn't release their "N" on this, we can interpolate that:

* 40% of Wisconsin don't know anyone gay.

Message? If you're not out at the office, at church, at school, in the neighborhood, PLEASE COME OUT AND HAVE A CONVERSATION!


At 7:46 AM, Blogger Karmachrome said...

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At 8:32 AM, Blogger Karmachrome said...

An affirmation from the fair...

An amazing amount of deep, honest conversations were made with folks from all walks. While starting out the evening by profiling the crowd a bit and picking out good targets for conversation, I found it took (for me anyways) broadening my range. I was rewarded to encounters with Republicans, mountainous biker couples, and others that affirmed what we are talking about: this amendment touches too many people that, if not directly spoken to, are likely to vote in a way that might not truly reflect their desires.

Thanks again Lindsey!

At 12:56 PM, Anonymous marcantonybc said...

Gay voters at work just show how active Satan is in these last days. Gays are breaking the Lord's commandments and are bragging about it. How long do you think the good Lord will tolerate a world once sinners gain the majority of legislated power? Look at Sodom and think about the answer. This promised land is only santified as long as the morality is in the majority. Thank you for letting me enter my opinion.


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