Seniors for a Fair Wisconsin

In addition to Republicans and Christians for a Fair Wisconsin, we now have a web page for Seniors for a Fair Wisconsin. The page lists the many reasons the ban is bad for the senior community and offers a flyer for downloading.

Madison volunteer Helen Aarli is reaching out to senior organizations and centers to secure speaking engagements and to encourage them to pass resolutions against the ban like the one the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups passed several months ago.

In a "Voices for 'No'" interview, Helen has this to say about why she is voting "No":
I have very strong concerns about the potential harm this amendment could wreak on the senior community. The second sentence could put up for question any contractual agreements that two loving people might establish between themselves (i.e. powers of attorney for health care and for finances and property). The courts could conceivably become involved in lengthy and costly cases involving the arrangements that we might make between unmarried seniors in committed relationships. It will affect both gay and non-gay seniors.

But also, I respect the commitment that loving people have made to each other, despite their sexual orientation. I do not want to limit their rights and their freedom. I also don’t want to see my constitution used in a way that will limit the freedom of the people of Wisconsin.


At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay Helen! Thanks for all your hard work and help with the Seniors for a Fair Wisconsin group.


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