"They don't understand the issue"

That’s what the FRI’s Julaine Appling said about the four former governors’ opposition to the civil unions and marriage ban.

That’s a curious statement considering these are four public officials who we elected to essentially run the state of Wisconsin for several years. I’m sure they understand it just fine.

Meanwhile, Tom Sheehan at the Portage Daily Register makes note of the Wisconsin Catholic Conference’s support of the ban. Sheehan spoke with Former Gov. Pat Lucey who at 88 years old still attends Roman Catholic mass every week.

Lucey, like an increasing number of Wisconsin’s Catholics, will vote with his conscience rather than with the church’s opinion. Says Lucey, "I just can't believe any rational human being would want to put that kind of thing in the Constitution."

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At 5:24 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Three questions here, Ingrid.

(1) What was the context of Julaine's comments? The link you post is failing my click. I want to parse her quote!

(2) Again, I ask, where was Tommy Thompson on the list? All who know him personally know that he is mad as heck about the ban. Why wasn't his name solicited? Or was it, and he refused? Or is he going to issue his own release?

(3) Remember that the Wisconsin Catholic Conference has only expressed tepid support for the amendment. And only on the first sentence. When asked to consider the second sentence, they will be good Catholics and urge a "NO" vote. But we need to ask them and educate them and their five bishop bosses! What are we doing with that?

At 9:21 PM, Blogger HN said...

Given the current divide in America, do you think there is room for a middle ground on the gay marriage question?

I took up that issue on my blog today. My main argument was that the government should provide civil unions to both homosexual and heterosexual couples and should leave it to religious communities to decide the parameters of "marriage." I'd love to hear people's thoughts. The full piece can be found at: http://justhobnob.blogspot.com/2006/07/is-there-middle-ground-on-gay-marriage.html

At 9:42 AM, Blogger David Schowengerdt said...

I think that can work in theory only. Most of us grew up with marriage and that's what we understand, and since many people don't want to get married in a church...

I just think it gives our society one more opportunity to separate ourselves into the 'haves' and 'have nots.'

Perhaps someday, though.

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Ray said...

Hopefully this time my comment "takes." I don't know what I"m doing, this is the third time I wrote this!

But I want to say to Keith: Do you know Tommy T? It sounds like you might. If you do, maybe you should try to get him to endorse the campaign. I don't know much about Politics, but I do know everything is strategic. I'm sure theres a reason he's not one of the four governors listed. I doubt it's because Fair Wisconsin doesn't care about him.

Also, HN, seems like no legislator in Wisconsin wants to comprimise. Why would they write to ban civil unions into the amendment if they did?


At 7:57 PM, Blogger Tom in Rhinelander said...


There is no point in discussing middle ground as the Amendment is what is before us right NOW. We need to concentrate on the amendment and why it’s bad for straight and gay people. Debating middle ground only allows the other side to say we told you so. It also narrows the debate the gay marriage issue. This is a far reaching amendment that reaches into the bedrooms of seniors, unmarried straight people, and yes gay people too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on middle ground and I appreciate your view point.


At 8:37 PM, Blogger David Schowengerdt said...

I have to say, every time I hear something about "coming into our bedrooms," I get frustrated...although I know that's not what you meant, Tom. It's about coming into the most intimate and personal parts of our private lives, and I'm not talking about sex...I'm talking about our hearts and our souls. If it were about our bedrooms, that would only be about 1% of the equation.


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