Blog Debate: The Final Question

Jenna posted the last of four questions in this month's blog debate. Read it here.


At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

Hmmm. Jen is asking for a closing argument, a summary.

Mine would be pretty simple.

I would skip all the rhetoric about the high moral grounds of fairness and equality and justice. Okay, okay, I know that sounds weird, especially coming from a conservative Christian like me.

But those are MY heartfelt reasons for voting against the amendment. And Jen's question is why should WISCONSIN vote against the amendment.

When arguing on those heartfelt moral grounds, I think most Wisconsites, sad to say, would vote yes. Because they think it's all about preserving the heartfelt value of marriage.

Therefore, my answer to Jen's question would be quite specific.

There are a multitude of problems with households that the State of Wisconsin needs to solve. Households have problems with health insurance, pensions, children's education, etc.

No, not the tired lame argument made by many that "the legislature ought to focus on something else rather than something divisive like gay marriage."

Instead, we need to note that the time is coming very soon when we must begin to lay out an agenda to bring real reform to HEALTH, PENSIONS, CHILDREN, for FAMILIES.

This amendment will tie our hands behind our backs.

The only reforms that will be possible would be to get better health care, pensions, etc for married households. That means that almost half of Wisconsin will not even have access to their elected representatives.

The amendment destroys the democratic process itself.

At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plus, it's not well crafted wording, and the meaning will be determined ... in a court by a judge!

This means state money will be used, as Atty.Gen. Peg L. is already anticipating, in a court battle if the amendment passes.

Fairness and concern for other people's families aside, do Wisconsin workers want their tax money spent like this?

Is this fight necessary now, or would it be better for regular Wisconsinites to hold their powder until the homosexual threat to their own families and to the state, actually materializes? Again, Wisconsin already has sufficient language to prevent gay people from getting legally "married".

Wisconsin voters are being played for political purposes. First it will be gays as a polarizing issue that brings voters to the polls in November's governor's race. Unless we want to see more trivial political issues spun to bring out voters, let's vote to end this nonsense now.

(Feel free to use these simple ideas in closing, Ingrid. Again, I think everyone has heard the religious/moral/family fairness argument already in the other answers, so no need to spend more than an additional paragraph or two on that, with word limits. If they pass on that angle, back it up with something like this, which appeals to fiscal conservatives too. Perhaps we're overestimating the "get to know us you'll like us" strategy. Because maybe for some, they won't and are just being polite to our faces.)


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