Cheese Makers Walk the Talk

Dan and Jeanne Patenaude moved to rural southwest Wisconsin in the early 70's, intent on finding a better way to farm, which is to say, determined to go back to the old way of farming. Today, they have a healthy herd of 150 grass-fed dairy cows, and their Pleasant Ridge Reserve just keeps winning awards, including the 2005 Best of Show of the American Cheese Conference.

Last week, they spent three hours knocking on doors in Ridgeway, talking to their neighbors about the ban. Dan wants voters to know just how bad it will be for Wisconsin if it passes. He knows for himself that once voters understand what the ban will really do, they will vote no. "It's all about talking to voters," he says.

Jeanne says she had a great time talking to voters, and they both plan on doing more canvassing in September and October.

I love the diversity of the people who are volunteering in this campaign. I've knocked on doors with college professors, students, journalists, artists, retailers, homemakers, carpenters, doctors, ... and now dairy farmers.

You might be suprised, but a lot of the people I've canvassed with consider themselves conservative. Most have never gone door to door. But they all share a passion about this vote and feel strongly that Wisconsin will be the first state to say "No."


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