I Have a Confession to Make

Okay, so this it it.

I'm about to make a confession.

I haven't told anyone--not a single one of the staff or volunteers who work at Fair Wisconsin.

I've been working to fight the civil unions and marriage ban since it was first introduced in January 2004. I've done a lot to help--driving around the state to events, writing well over 100 press releases, donating money, organizing large events with very little staff, writing fundraising letters and grant applications, etc.

But I have never canvassed.

I wasn't even going to say anything to anyone on the staff, because I know everyone will probably laugh at me, make me feel guilty, or just be annoyed that I haven't pitched in yet. But it's true, I've never actually gone door to door to talk to voters about the ban.

It's weird. I am completely comfortable talking on the radio or in front of groups. I'm comfortable debating our opponents. But the idea of the door-to-door canvass freaks me out a little. It seems like an entirely different level of making this personal and putting yourself on the line.

But as we have been saying, it's time to walk the talk. Besides, I really do constantly hear that people who were nervous about canvassing end up having rewarding experiences. I can see how there's great satisfaction in personally gaining more "no" voters one a time.

I really believe we will win this thing in November. And the more I hear about the real, hard numbers of people we need to reach with face-to-face conversations in the next several weeks, the more I realize I have a personal responsibility to be a part of this, even if I'm involved already with so many other aspects of the campaign.

So today I'm signing up for Walk the Talk weekend. I'm getting over my fears. (Also, conveniently getting over guilt!)

I challenge you, our blog readers, to do the same.

If you live here in Wisconsin, we need you to get off the Internet and hit the streets with us.

We have 77 days to make this happen, and it's not a cliche to say we need you now more than ever. We really do.

And while we love this world of the blog and the conversations we have here, to win we're going to need to convert a lot more armchair critics into canvassers.

Leading up to the end of October, we will literally need over 1,000 volunteers canvassing every week. Now's the time to help us start making that happen.

Please join me in signing up today for Walk the Talk weekend.

Here's a link you can copy into an email to send your friends:


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At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to give canvassing a try Josh! I was super scared before I ever canvassed-- really really sick to my stomach scared. But I knew canvassing wes important, so I gave it a try. It turns out I love canvassing-- it's such an amazing experience to see minds change right in front of you.

At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Kory said...

Welcome to the illustrious ranks of us canvassers. :o)

At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

about time for talk to walk

At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go get 'em, Josh! Woohoo! We'll be right behind you!

At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Marius said...

Hi there, yet again.

I was not sure where to put the link, on which blog entry, but I thought that the most recent one would be appropriate.

I stumbled across this:


And thought you'd be interested.

Keep up the good work, and Joshua, time to walk the talk! ;)

- M -


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