"Love, marriage and ... lutefisk?"

Minnesota is one of the few states left that doesn't have a ban on civil unions or marriage in place or on the ballot this November. While thinking about this, a community columnist at the Winona Daily News playfully reflects on what makes a marriage work and why some folks are scared about ever giving gay people that responsibility.
I think a lot of people are against same sex marriage because it’s … well … it’s just kind of icky. People don’t like to think about “You may now kiss the … groom.” I think lutefisk is pretty sick, and if that’s what you’re serving for dinner, I’m not coming over. If you don’t like how someone lives, don’t swing under their rainbow.

I enjoy having someone to share my life with every day, and no matter how the state defines marriage, there is nothing that can take that away from me. Yet I also appreciate that I am legally recognized as having made a lifelong commitment to my wife. And the insurance benefits aren’t bad, either.

This isn’t about whether or not you agree with that kind of lifestyle, it’s about equality and marriage. Look at your own: Does the definition of a few terms change how you feel about your spouse? Does it make your love any less powerful? Does granting others the ability to marry take anything away from your own? If not, why should we deny marriage to others just because we might not agree with how they live? If not, why should we care how other people serve their lutefisk as long as we’re not tasting it. If not, why not let it happen in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and anywhere else where we truly believe that all men are created equal, even when those men dig other men?
Elsewhere in lighthearted opinions on the issue, a reader at the Eau Claire Leader Telegram is calling for a Defense of Football Act.


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