One Southwestern WI Canvasser's Story

John Biondi is just one of the more than 500 canvassers who knocked on Wisconsin doors this past weekend. His story isn't that much different from any of the canvassers I've met--we all have compelling reasons to oppose this ban. This was John's first, but not his last, canvass. Here's what he said, when I asked him why he gave up his Saturday to help.

Why I Volunteered to Help Fair Wisconsin

I have at least three good reasons for volunteering to canvass for Fair Wisconsin and working for the defeat of this mean-spirited amendment.

My strongest reason is that I have a gay daughter who is one of the gentlest, kindest people I know. She is spending her career in a helping/healing profession. It hurts me to think that, in spite of her desire to help others, that we could have laws in this state that would discriminate against her and make her life less enjoyable.

Secondly, after a career move took me away from Wisconsin, I made a decision five years ago to come back to Wisconsin--not for any career opportunity but because I loved Wisconsin and thought that this state and the Greater Madison area had a great lifestyle and great values. I find it very hard to accept that the values of openness, fairness and equality that were part of my attraction to the area are being threatened by this amendment.

Finally, this amendment affects how I earn a living. I have always been involved in technology projects and am now running an early stage biotech company in the Madison area. We try to seek and find the best brains to help us move our technology forward. Frequently we are competing with large companies for those brains. The lifestyle and quality of life of this area help us compete. This amendment would change that: if it passes we will have to say that we want the best brains--as long as you aren’t gay or have an unmarried domestic partner. I’m sad that this amendment is even on the ballot and hope that I can do more to help defeat it.


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