Rural Wisconsin Editor Says Vote NO

Last spring, before she retired, the editor of our small town paper wrote a very personal editorial against the ban. This summer, we've been getting to know the new editor. After a particularly vitriolic letter bashing gays, gay marriage, and well, gay anything was sent to him, Ryan Billingham felt it was time for his voice to be heard.

Augusts 3, 2006
The Democrat Tribune - Mineral Point

Obviously, the issue of same-sex marriage is a divisive issue.

As editor of this newspaper, it is difficult to take a stand on hard issues, because there is no other staff to provide quorum or help draft an official stance. Be that as it may, I feel it is important ot take a stand on this issue.

There are all sorts of convoluted arguments on both sides. For myself and hence for this paper, the answer is easy.

I am unwilling to take away anyone's constitutional right to pursue their own happiness.

If you as a voter feel that it is your right to strip away someone else's struggle for fulfillment of their dreams and desires, then vote for this amendment.

But beware. Somewhere down the line when your rights are on the line, someone may be bold enough to say they know better than you and do something to stop your quest for happiness and prosperity.

This is an opportunity to make a statement. That statement is that Wisconsin believes in personal freedom and liberty and the inherent right for all men and women to search out that what makes them happy, fulfilled human beings.

So the official stance has been made. Vote NO on the same-sex marriage ban.

- Ryan Billingham


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Paul said...

I don't think we hear enough of this particular argument. It's a good one. While some people might not care if one group's constitutional rights are stripped away, that person WILL care if some of their rights begin to be eroded.

This Amendment could be a real slippery slope. The Second Sentence can clearly be extended to eliminate not only same-sex civil unions, but also opposite-sex civil unions. Then where does it stop? Will unmarried people be forbidden to live together? Must marriage be a prerequisite for adoption?

This amendment is ambiguous and dangerous. If we are not careful of such things, someday many more of our rights will be stripped away in the name of "sanctity" and "tradition."

At 8:12 AM, Blogger Kent Walker said...

Wow. That was good. Both the post and the first comment. I am amazed and the things people say that I never thought of. Education is key, even for those of us who think we know it all.

At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi ryan-i agree. aimee-thornton,co.


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