Spreading the Word in Montello

Jeff Wright has been running our Speakers Network at Fair Wisconsin since mid-winter of this year and over the past 8 months has put in a tremendous amount of time and dedication to fill requests for speakers that we get from all corners of the state.

Jeff’s hard work has helped get our message to the ears of thousands of Wisconsinites everywhere from Kenosha to Sawyer County, and indeed up to Superior. Besides his hard work in the office, he also has been working with his family and hometownfriends up in Montello, a town of 1,397 residents an hour north of Madison, to inform voters in the area about the ban. His father has already spoken with local organizations about the ban, and this past Saturday, his family and their local committee hosted a house party to benefit Fair Wisconsin.

At the house party, they had a speaker from our Speakers Network give a 15 minute overview of the ban that helped spark a half-hour discussion. While I’d assume that most people who attend house parties are already decided on the ban, Jeff told me that many folks came because they wanted to learn more about its effects on Wisconsin families—and that they did, as well as eat yummy food, enjoy the music of two energetic bands, and share good company.

The solid efforts of these "No" voters reached the dozens in attendance, and the ‘buzz’ about their organizing is doubtlessly bouncing around the city and county. Many thanks go to Jeff and his family for their efforts to keep Wisconsin fair.


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