Talking with my Sister

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I moved back in with my parents about a month ago so I could work for Fair Wisconsin in Milwaukee. I’ll be honest, it’s pretty weird to live with my parents again, especially after spending almost 6 years on my own. But there are definitely some perks, like being able to spend more time with my little sister, Orlee.

Orlee and I are very different. When I was her age (she’s 15), I was kind of a nerd. Orlee, on the other hand, is much more social and definitely much “cooler” than I was. But regardless of our differences, our views on social justice are the same.

I asked her last night about the civil unions and marriage ban. She knew that it had something to do with rights and families, but she wasn’t exactly sure of all the details, so she asked me to explain a bit. After hearing more about it, she decided it was ridiculous. “Why,” she asked, “are they trying to deny rights to people who love each other?” Good question.

She said that kids at her high school know that there’s a proposed amendment, but they don’t have all the information so they don’t talk about it much. Except for one of her friends, Neil, who’s very vocal about it. Orlee says that he goes around asking kids how they would vote and if their parents are voting “no.”

Almost all of their friends, she says, say that they’d vote no. But it’s frustrating for them because they’re not yet 18. They know, though, that they can get involved with the campaign and encourage others to vote no. In October we’ll be holding a training for high schoolers so they’ll be equipped to do just that.


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