49 Days

On the walls of every Fair Wisconsin office is a countdown to Election Day. Here on Madison's 5th floor, the countdown is just outside of my office, so I'm usually the person who changes the number every morning.

I have to admit, sometimes when I change the number I breathe a sigh of relief. Each day here can be so emotional and overwhelming, that I'm glad yesterday is gone and we're one day closer to November 7.

But if I'm not breathing relief, I'm gasping panic. People who see me change the number panic. Around here a full day is like the golden ticket. Whether it's through meeting with reporters, donors, state leaders, or face-to-face with voters, it's the opportunity to reach hundreds of people around the state. Lately I've found that I can do more in one day of work than thought possible.

This marks 49 days, but it also marks just seven weeks until Election Day. That means, if you commit to volunteering just once a week until the election, that's only seven times to come in. And at three hours a volunteer shift, that's only 21 hours of work... not even one full day.


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