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The debate and campaign-related activities are off to a sprint on campuses statewide. If you're a student at a UW campus, we recently launched this calendar on Students for a Fair Wisconsin listing all student volunteer opportunities and events.

Yesterday several student papers chimed in on what will no doubt be the hot topic this semester.

There's a great article in UW-Oshkosh's Advance Titan that takes a look at the work students are doing on campus there. Senior Erik Koepnick puts it nicely:
“It is tough at times, there’s so many firsts working in the campaign,” Koepnick said. “The first time you actually talk to someone about it, go door knocking, talk to a group. But in the end, I am fighting for my right to live freely in this country and gain the same rights as those around me. So it’s not a sacrifice for me to work on the campaign. I would be sacrificing my happiness if I didn’t work on the campaign.”
And at UW-Eau Claire (my alma mater), Kathlyn Hotynski wrote an editorial in the Spectator about how the ban will jeopardize domestic partnership benefits which, in turns, hurts the UW system. The Daily Cardinal reports on Focus on the Family's big entrance to Wisconsin, while the Badger Herald provides a nice overview of the issue and our campaign.

You can follow the news campus-wide on the news page of Students for a Fair Wisconsin.


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