Faithful & Fair On Our (dirty) Feet

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news of peace…” Isaiah 52:7 NLT
Feet are dirty. Despite our modern advances with things like pedicures, nail clippers, files, polish, and the entire science of podiatry, feet still get dirty! In the prophet’s time, a piece of leather slapped on the foot and tied around an ankle didn’t keep things clean, and the shoes I wear when I am playing softball don’t stop the dust and mud from getting in.

So how can Isaiah and later Paul, write about feet and their beauty? Obviously it’s a bit of metaphor. So what’s the metaphor for this campaign, what’s the message for the people of Wisconsin?

Answer: We need to get our feet dirty in the work that makes them beautiful!

Next weekend, people of all faiths will join with Fair Wisconsin to get their feet dirty and bring the good news of loving families and faithful relationships to the voters in our state. “Faithful & Fair On Our Feet” is the epic moment of people putting their faith in action with this campaign.

Statewide, over 400 people of faith will canvass with Fair Wisconsin and will tell voters why the ban is wrong and ask them to vote no. Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Unitarians, Buddhists, Spiritualists, and Pagans, and more will all knock on thousands of doors. Despite the differences in faith, we all believe something, and the common denominator between these faiths is simple—the ban is wrong; vote "No."

I ask you today to join us in this effort. This good work that we will do together will win this campaign, and it will transform our dirty feet into something beautiful!



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