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November 7 is rolling around in 41 days and it scares me @#$%less to think about the thousands of people we need at the doors and on the phones before and on Election Day. But what pulls at my heart deeper than the nervousness of bringing in enough volunteers to win is the thought of not being with my team after November 7.

For the past two months and more, I have had the privilege of hiring and working with six incredibly brilliant and passionate staff members in Madison. For a minute of your time, I want to recognize the people who will deliver Madison to victory and give me the life to feel every moment of the next 41 days.

From your left to right…

Soren is in charge of recruiting new volunteers for Madison. Soren started volunteering with us in July and shortly after was recommended to become a captain by Justin Sweet (one of the first field staff who was too data-savy to remain as field). New to organizing, Soren has jumped into the fire, taking time off school within a days notice, and fully engulfed by the flames beyond what I could have expected of him. He has increased our volunteer numbers by over 1,000, is insistent on learning the best methods of organizing, and has built a strong volunteer recruitment program out of something that was non-existent when he started. Love to the philosophical, emotional and dedicated IPVR (in-person volunteer recruitment) prince.

Jennifer is a long-term friend and comrade. I knew the moment that I was able to choose my staff she had to be on the team. We met almost four years ago, when Jennifer was a freshman in college. She volunteered regularly at the doors and with people of color outreach. She finally came on as a part-time staffer, while remaining a full-time undergrad business student. She has, in many ways, worked as what is often described as a “deputy” and recently became a part of the data team. "J Knox" has also taken a lead on people of color outreach and assists with recruitment calls. Beyond words powerhouse.

Diane is a full-time volunteer staffer who has been committed to working on this campaign for two years. After having done all of our jobs at least twice as a volunteer, Diane has delved into taking a lead in working with day-time volunteers and the data entry world. Bringing in regular volunteers, challenging herself to take on work that we would be nothing without, she moves me to push myself harder every single day. Thank you from the roots of reason for sharing your life with us and fighting harder than any of us. To the super human.

Nathan is far beyond my dreams of what a dedicated team member can be. As a volunteer he never missed a canvass and as the lead door canvass staffer in Madison, he has massively improved our training, doors captains, and logistics. He tirelessly works to ensure we are reaching our aggressive door canvass goals. On top of giving up his job as the Assistant Director of the UW LGBT Campus Center, he has brought in the most energy, inspiration, and passion to increase the energy to keep our team going. His witty comments, precious smiles, and open spirit drive many of us to keep moving when all we’d rather do is sleep. To be you one day….

Tim is the most recent addition to the team but one of the old head volunteer captains. As a Waunakee native and lead Action Network volunteer, he first started by organizing in the greater Dane County Networks but is now a volunteer phone bank organizer with Lori. Tim gave up his career as a corporate manager to work as a field staff. On top of impressing us with his countless dress shirts and shoes, he has stepped up our phone program by adding day shifts, recruiting our 50 to 100 Best Canvassers and regularly making the calls we need to get people to the doors. Tim is always willing to do whatever is asked of him, trusting in us and himself to strengthen the campaign. Welcome back activist and keep it strong!

Lori is our lead volunteer night organizer. A friend from high school and someone who dedicated a year of volunteer time in addition to working third shift and taking care of two kids, Lori was not someone I was willing to miss having on staff. She is technically part-time yet works longer and harder than 50 hour weeks. She, her husband, and two baby boys have given up so much to be a part of our staff. Thank you all for letting us have her for these few months. Growing as an organizer, she has made volunteer nights welcoming and productive: creating scripts, trainings, structure and pumping up our volunteer captains numbers. To our health and well-being manager: thank you for the constant life of fresh vegetables and love.

These diverse individuals have come together as a strategic, goal-oriented and loving team. I couldn’t imagine being in this campaign without them. We have become family. And like any intense relationship, we fight, we love, we talk, we ride a roller coaster of emotions and energy. We work together and hang out after hours.These folks have become the soul force of this campaign for me. Thank you Madison Field Staff for your passion for this issue and for keeping our state fair. Thank you for working 80+ hours a week, spending 8-16 hours a day together: planning, calling, canvassing, training, organizing, and building the movement to blow the ban out of the waters in Dane County. This staff is here for you. Please help them help our state.


At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Rob said...

Thanks to all of you for what you are doing. I'm a Missourian who is moving to Madison in the next two weeks and have been following this for months now. You guys are doing a wonderful job and if any state can defeat a measure like this I know Wisconsin can!

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Communitygal said...


Welcome to Madison! You can register to vote at City Hall, in the City Clerk's office, after you've been in your new place for 10 days. Or, you can register at your polling place on the day of the election. Wisconsin is one of few states that has same-day registration. Just be sure to bring a copy of your lease, you new Wisconsin driver's license, or some other acceptable proof of your residence. For more information about what you need to register to vote, check out these websites: (the Madison City Clerk's office) and (the Wisconsin State Elections Board FAQ's for voters).

You can even vote absentee, in case you plan on working to GOTV all day on November 7, or you are concerned that you might otherwise not get a chance to get to the polls between 7 am and 8 pm while they are open. (These are the hours for larger municipalities; smaller ones may have more restricted hours, so be sure you know the hours of YOUR polling place!)

At 9:44 AM, Anonymous j.knox and n.fig said...

But wait ... Pabitra forgot to introduce her self as a part of the Madison Field staff. Pabitra hails from Nepal but went to High School right here in Madison. Sharpened up her organizing skills at UW-Madison and moved straight into the community to put them to use. She began working on this campaign over a year ago in Milwaukee and moved back to her home town to take her rightful place as our mother organizer. What can we say, she does everything around here. To getting here first, sticking it out, making a home for us, and protecting us like a mother wolf protects her cubs...

At 2:33 PM, Blogger Communitygal said...

This campaign is truly about families, and the family that has formed on the FW staff is second to none. We love you all! (Bears, cubs, lions and sharks!)

At 6:38 PM, Blogger Rob said...

Thank you, thank you! I had no idea you guys allowed registration so close to election day (and even on election day!).

You can now count me in for ONE MORE "NO!" vote!



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