Labor's Day

Today marks Labor Day, a holiday created by the labor movement and dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.

Labor unions here in Wisconsin have been a major force behind our campaign. Many of Wisconsin's largest unions have passed resolutions against the ban and are donating money, organizing volunteers, and educating their members about the ban through newsletters and speaking engagements.

Colin Millard is the president of Iron Workers Local 383 and one of our Wisconsin laborers working against the ban. In a "Voices for No" interview, he says:
We will be the first state to defeat this ban. Wisconsin has a strong progressive tradition, and the people here are smart. They can see this amendment for what it is, a device to split us apart.
Check out our new Labor for a Fair Wisconsin webpage to read more about why this is an important issue for our state's union workers.

And have a happy Labor Day!


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