Map of Our Campaign

If you haven't ever taken a close look at the Fair Wisconsin events map, please check it out.

One of our dedicated volunteers, David Reese, custom tailored this technology for the campaign. I've never seen anything like it.

It allows volunteers leaders and field staff to publicize local events online--volunteers nights, church forums, canvasses, etc.--so that volunteers in each part of the state can find out what's happening locally and sign up. Then our field staff or volunteer leaders gets a list of all those who said they'd show up for a given event the night. It allows us to decentralize activities while still seeing what's happening everywhere at once.

I like to click around on the map every once in awhile just to see how many events and people are plugging into Fair Wisconsin every single day.

There's also now a separate map for student events.


At 10:43 AM, Anonymous heidi said...

Fair Wisconsin's calendar of events is amazing in two regards: it is Filled with events Across the state, and the program itself is beautiful and sooo easy to use.

Many thanks to David and the data team! I know programs like this are not easy to create.


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