Meet the Finance Team

As of July, we have over 5,000 people contributing financially to the Fair Wisconsin campaign. Thousands of you are giving to help fund our ads, to outpace our opponents, to educate voters at their doorsteps, to open field offices, build our staff, and to generally keep us on a winning campaign trail.

All that money is raised by and filtered through a stellar fundraising team in Madison. Above are four of those people. From left to right: Liz Fujii, who helps plan house parties and this Madison event, Joe Rettof, Aaron Welo, and Liz Schilling. Not pictured are Kate Moen, who also helps with house parties and is planning this Milwaukee event, Kevin Brady, and Heather Colburn.

Every single check or credit card donation that comes into this campaign makes these folks both happy and grateful. This photo must have been taken shortly after the mail came in.


At 2:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aren't they a snazzy looking bunch ;-)


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