New Ad Focuses on Real Families

For over two years, we've been talking about the importance of sharing our stories. We know that doing this helps people understand the human impact of the ban instead of seeing it as an abstract debate about "defining marriage."

Stories help us convey what it can be like to be denied basic protections for your family, whether it's an everyday matter of not having the right to pick up your own child from school without a persmission note or whether it's struggling to nurse a loved one through illness while everyone around you treats you and your partner as if you're complete strangers to each other.

Today we launch a new ad campaign that features this kind of story.

A couple of years ago, when I was in La Crosse--just beginning to build our effort to fight the ban--someone told me about Lynn and her family. I reached out to her some months after that, and gradually worked with her to share her story. She is an amazing, courageous person who never sought the spotlight and didn't necessarily want to focus on the bad experiences she had.

I don't want to say too much more, because I want to let the ad speak for itself. (See top right for PC and Mac versions.)

We also worked with Lynn to tell more of the story--beyond what we could fit into a 30-second ad--on this website, which is plugged at the end of the ad.

If you want, you can also thank her through the site.


At 1:51 PM, Anonymous heidi said...

Wow. What a touching ad... how courageous Lynn is for sharing her story.

I've gone canvassing many times with Fair Wisconsin and I always share a story about a family that I know that would be hurt by this ban. These stories reach people-- across the political spectrum.

This is about real people. I'm glad to have another story.


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