Racine's Fair Wisconsin Office is Open

We’re very happy to have our Racine office now open for business. Recently we hired Jake Velleman to be our Racine Area Field Director, and he is already busy meeting with community leaders and recruiting new volunteers to help stop the ban.

In each area of the state, our main goal is to work with our supporters and volunteers to inform the broader community about how far-reaching this ban is and how it will hurt families. Our ads have been giving information about the ban to voters for weeks now, however, we know that a face to face personal conversation is the best way to make sure that voters are paying attention and understand the issue.

If you are in the Racine area, or have friends and family there, be sure to help fill up our canvasses! We educate voters door-to-door this Saturday, and each of the next six Saturdays until the big vote. We also have volunteer nights, Wednesday canvasses, and other outreach planned. Check out the calendar in Racine: http://www.fairwisconsingroups.com/calendar/racine/


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