Students for a Fair Wisconsin

It's no secret that the student vote will play a major role in defeating the ban this November. Younger people are more likely to know gay and lesbian people, they're more likely to support equality for LGBT people than older generations, and they're well aware that this issue affects their future in Wisconsin.

Recently we hired student organizers to work on campuses across the state and today we launched the Students for a Fair Wisconsin web feature.

Earlier this week, student organizers at UW-Madison used this opportunity to distribute literature and invites to tonight's UW Students for a Fair Wisconsin kick-off meeting. (7:30pm in 3650 Humanities.)

Leading the UW-Madison organizing effort is Andy Gordon. Andy's been active in political campaigns since he was a high schooler at Appleton East and when he's not working for Fair Wisconsin or studying for a Poli-Sci/History major, he's playing the trombone for UW's marching band.

Asked why this issue is important to him, he says:

For a few reasons. One, it certainly is a personal battle. Though I'm only 20 years old, my life experiences have shown me that for as much progress as we've made on issues of acceptance of all people, there's still much work to do.

As a member of the Wisconsin Marching Band, we talk a lot about tradition and pride. While marching for five hours a day during what essentially amounts to a "band boot camp" during the middle of August, we often sing (and this will come a big surprise) "On Wisconsin."

The second verse is always the state song. Being a band member instills pride in not only the school, but our state. I'm proud to call Wisconsin home.

But the Wisconsin I'm proud of is the one of progressive traditions and leadership. Wisconsin was the first state to oppose the fugitive slave laws, fought proudly in the battle for suffrage, and was the first state to add sexual orientation into its discrimination statutes. The Wisconsin I'm proud to call home is the one that sticks to its motto: "Forward."

Read more from Andy here.


At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Andy. Thanks for all you do.

At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree with everything.. especially the last paragraph. Our motto is "Forward." That's always been my main argument against anything not progressive. In Wisconsin the People rule, and they will lay down the law on November 7th. The ban will be defeated.

At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just at the student kick off. amazing. there had to be at least 300 people there.


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