UW Platteville Gears Up for Nov 7

Now that school is back in session, the students, staff, and faculty of UW-Platteville are ramping up their efforts to defeat the ban. And they are being joined by quite a few townspeople as well.

Last week, a house party raised more than $900, and more than half-a-dozen additional house parties are already planned. And last week, when a certain gubernatorial candidate visited Platteville, students turned out to let him know that his position on the ban is just plain wrong. To cap off the week, the Faculty Senate passed the following resolution:
Whereas Wisconsin already has a law declaring marriage to only be between a man and a woman,


Whereas the proposed amendment which would prohibit granting identical or similar legal rights to any unmarried couples, effectively banning gay marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships, could adversely affect current and future employee benefits in the UW System,

Therefore, be it resolved that the UW-Platteville Faculty Senate oppose the 2005 Senate Joint Resolution 53.

This week, Dave Rottersman, an upper-class education major, will begin a series of Thursday night canvasses, meeting at 6pm at Badger Brothers Coffee on Main Street.

Altogether there is a determined, vocal and visible community organizing to make sure the Grant County vote on Nov 7 helps defeat the ban.


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