Zamarripa Family Volunteer Night

Last Thursday here in Milwaukee, we had a Zamarripa-family sponsored volunteer night. Joey brought in nine of her family members to make volunteer recruitment phone calls and record data that we'd collected throughout the week. It went really well, and together they recruited 32 volunteers to come and canvass with us. But what's even better, is that they all recommitted to come back tomorrow.

Here are some photos:


At 4:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know people are really busy these days, and they find it hard to find the time to volunteer. Work and family and school all take up a lot of our time. But we have to make time if we want to win.

When I was in Madison my mom and I made time to see each other every Tuesday night-- volunteering at Fair Wisconsin. We would have an early dinner together, and then volunteer from 6 to 9. It was a way that we made time to see each other, and do something important at the same time. Now that I'm in Eau Claire I don't get to see my mom any more, and I miss her a lot. But my Uncle Wendell drives from the twin cites ones a week to canvass with me here, and my sister also volunteers at least once a week. Some of my friends from Madison have also made the drive out to visit me here in Eau Claire—they chose to visit me on days when they could canvass and help me in the office while they were here.

I'm really lucky to have supportive friends and family who knows how important defeating this amendment is; important enough to give up their free time for 47 more days.


At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm just glad Joey has an amazing family that wants to help us win this campaign!


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