African-American Leaders Oppose the Ban

Today we begin blogging on Saturdays and Sundays--seven days a week--since the campaign is in high gear and there's lots to report.

In case you missed it, earlier this week, we sent out press releases announcing African-American leaders in Madison and the Milwaukee area who oppose the civil unions and marriage ban.

The following Madison elected leaders publicly oppose the ban:
Dane County Supervisor Richard Brown
Dane County Supervisor Sheila Stubbs
Madison Common Council Ald. Brian Benford
Madison Common Council Ald. Isadore Knox, Jr.
Madison School Board President Johnny Winston, Jr.
Knox expressed his concern that, “if passed, this ban would negatively impact all kinds of families across the state, the Black community included.”

And the following Milwaukee-area leaders also oppose the ban:
Elected Officials
Former Secretary of State Vel Phillips
Congresswoman Gwen Moore
State Senator Lena Taylor
State Senator Spencer Coggs
Assembly Rep. Jason Fields
Assembly Rep. Leon Young
Assembly Rep. Tamara Grigsby
Assembly Rep. Robert Turner
Assembly Rep. Barbara Toles
Milwaukee County Supervisor James G. White
Milwaukee County Supervisor Elizabeth Coggs-Jones
Milwaukee City Alderman Michael McGee, Jr.
Milwaukee City Alderman Willie C. Wade
Supervisor Willie Johnson Jr.

Pastor Olin Arrington
Pastor Robert Redd
Reverend Joseph Jackson
Reverend William E. Robbins
Pastor Charles Thornhill
Pastor Robert Wilson
Pastor Oscar Elim
Pastor Charles Green
Reverend Lloyd Wright
Reverend J.R. Walton
Reverend Martin Childs
Reverend Charles Watkins


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