Behind the Ban

Josh has written a little about some of the people and groups who back the ban. He introduced Ralph Ovadal and the Pilgrim's Covenant, the Wisconsin Marriage Defenders (whose member said we "want prostitution, incest, pedophilia, and other perversions" at the Joint Judiciary Committee hearing), and the Family Research Institute.

Today, we put up a new web feature called "Behind the Ban" that has audio clips and quotes from three key figures who are responsible for writing the language of the ban and for getting it on the ballot.

Like we say on the webpage:
While it's critical to conduct a civil debate, it's also critical to reveal the true intentions and attitudes behind the ban. Our opposition has consistently downplayed the reach of the ban and its impact on real Wisconsin families. We must continue to give accurate information to voters about this issue.
Backers of the ban have become very good at covering up their troubling attitudes toward gay people and the consequences of this far-reaching, two-sentence constitutional ban. In fact, Just yesterday, Channel 27 in Madison reported that our opposition is telling some voters the ban's second sentence has been removed.


At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

Way cool !

Any chance we will see some clips in ad buys?

Creepy music accompanying Julaine's lovely mug. And the grinning Gundrum and Fitz.

I amn afraid that going negative, a.k.a. calling for deliverance from evil, is the only chance we stand of winning this thing.

After all, these evil people have been going negative from the very beginning, and they have won every vote that has come up.

At 8:48 PM, Blogger Jenn said...

I don't see it as going negative. I see it as letting voters know where they really stand--offering up hard-to-find but telling quotes that show the truth behind passifying rhetoric such as "the ban will not affect benefits" or "this isn't about gay rights". And yes, they've been refuting our claims from the beginning--now we know why. Because we have merit.

At 7:12 AM, Blogger Marlin said...

We are forgetting one very important quote made by Christopher Wolf, an attorney speaking FOR the ban in the November 29 Joint Judiciary Committee hearing in the State Capitol. (He is also called upon by Julaine to debate in her place at times.) You can find it in editor Mike Fitzpatrick's "Quest News" volume 12 number 23 (December 8 2005 issue): "...One comment by an expert witness supporting the amendment took nearly everyone, even backers, by surprise. Marquette Law School professor Christopher Wolf stated 'It's absurd to say everybody should be treated equally,'..."


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