Debate Online; Another Debate Tonight

Last week's debate between Mike Tate and Julaine Appling is now available to watch here.

Tonight in Waukesha is a second debate. Here are the details from's press release:
Waukesha Debate
Monday, Oct. 2nd
7 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Location: Room N133, UW-Waukesha

Under the ground rules agreed to by, Fair Wisconsin and the Family Research Institute, Appling and Tate each will deliver 2-minute opening and closing statements separated by 2-minute answers to questions posed by journalists.

No audience questions will be accepted, but members of the public may attend to watch the debate.


At 2:15 PM, Anonymous Kory said...

Nice work Mike! Thank you for all your hard work.

At 10:42 PM, Blogger georgia said...

I attended the debate in Waukesha this evening and thought that Mike Tate did a FANTASTIC JOB! Julaine could only regurgitate the same old “stuff” about protecting marriage and children. I must be real dense…I just do not see how my marriage or children could be hurt by same sex marriage/civil unions/domestic partnerships. As far as the attendees, my feel was that 90 – 95% will be voting NO on November 7th – certainly not a scientific poll but sitting in the back with a birds-eye-view, it appeared that the head nods were in agreement with Mike and the head shakes were with Julaine.


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