Eau Claire Article Sets Off More Letters to the Editor

Two Sundays ago, the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram ran a feature story about the local debate over the ban. It sparked a number of letters to the editor, most in recent days from no voters.

The one yes voter letter currently posted on the Leader-Telegram site discussed our "Lynn" ad. The writer apparently didn't read about Lynn's story. She criticized Lynn for not taking care of legal documents:
All of their fears could have been allayed with a simple trip to an attorney’s office assigning Lynn as Jean’s power of attorney. Anyone facing a life-threatening illness should take some time to ensure their affairs are legally in order.
Earlier this week, I blogged about how to respond to this kind of argument. But ELCA Rev. Paul Oppedahl responds to the above letter and gets to the heart of the matter:
[The writer of the "Lynn" letter] states an individual’s rights regarding medical decision-making, hospital visitation, employee benefits and pension benefits are safe despite the amendment. What he does not say is this amendment draws a line between those who apparently can live from day to day assuming they have certain self-evident, inalienable rights and the others who would have to prove they have these rights.
In another letter, John Whalen explains why the second sentence troubles him and so many others.

Privacy seems to be a theme in the letters too. Terry Heinen writes:
This is only a symbolic amendment, a waste of time as far as I’m concerned. I think the best we can do is vote “No” to send the message we are comfortable in our sexuality and don’t need the state peeking into our bedrooms. Come on, show a little respect.

I think it’s time our government supported our personal freedoms. Vote “No” to the marriage amendment. Then encourage our lawmakers to do the right thing and support marriage for anyone who wants it.
Another writer also wants the government to get out of people's private lives:
Gay marriage? So what! In a society where everything and everyone is disposable, I find it refreshing people want to commit. Not our business!
Jon Willi from Chippewa Falls sees historic parallels and feels the ban is "hateful":
Other states have enacted similar legislation banning gay and lesbian marriage. We are different. We value human dignity. Our state constitution should not be amended to limit the rights of any segment of our citizens. In November, defeat this proposed amendment for what it is: hate legislation aimed at marginalizing a group of people simply because they are different.
As we hit the final stretch of the campaign, we will need even more people to write letters to the editor in both daily and weekly newspapers to urge our communities to vote no. Next week, we will have an updated Media Monitor page with complete information on how to send letters to your local papers.


At 10:54 AM, Blogger David Schowengerdt said...

Those are some great, great letters. Thanks for sharing those and for encouraging people to do more and more letter writing.


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