First Baptist Does It Again!

Our friends at First Baptist Church in Madison, led by Rev. Mark Clinger and Mary Fiore, have gone one step further in their congregational dialogue and action against the ban than other faith communities. They scheduled a full series of discussions about the ban and its implications on families and society from now through the end of October. I encourage you to check it out and attend.

The series, entitled "The Legal Definition of Marriage," speaks to the heart of a lot of faithful people’s questions about this amendment and the attempt to truly "define marriage." You see, when people have to define a family in the technical way that the law needs, it becomes very hard to find the right language to define a family without excluding people not fitting the "traditional" definition. Try it right now. Define the word family but don’t exclude same-sex couples, single parent families, unmarried heterosexual unions, and other diverse expressions of families.

It’s a little tricky isn’t it?

But the answer lies in the heart of the Gospel, as First Baptist and so many other churches have proclaimed. Families, unions, marriages, and relationships that grow in love together find their foundation, strength, and nutrients for growth in God. Hence, if these things come from God, which human can take them away? Remember the old words from weddings, “That which God has brought together, let no man tear asunder!” Divine love creates a family, the differences make no difference. We know God doesn’t see the differences you and I have. I’m white, you may be black. I’m male, you may be female. I’m gay, you may be straight. It makes no difference; we are precious individual lives to God; lives that God created.

This series is a wonderful series of discussion highlighting the changing definition of relationships, the changing role of sexuality in the world, and the changing voice of the church in her ministry, all with one unchanging truth—That God loves each and every one of us!



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