Front Group Gives $385K to Amendment Backers

Amendment backers have received $385,000 from the Coalition for America's Families, a group that has run several "issue" ads against Democratic candidates, including Gov. Jim Doyle. The group is headed by a former chair of the state Republican Party.

Here's the Associated Press report.

Some of you may recall that this group ran an ad back in June 2005 attacking Gov. Doyle for supporting domestic partner benefits for UW employees. The ad made false allegations (as reported in this WISC-TV Ch 3 "Reality Check"), and they ended up cancelling at least part of their planned ad buy.

It's the money from this group that apparently made it possible for amendment backers to buy their TV ads.

The Capital Times also reported on this development.


At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's interesting that there are people who still believe that denying health care benefits for same-sex domestic partners saves money. This clearly depends on gay and lesbian couples being willing to put up with this unfair treatment. More and more, that's not the case, as Rob Carpick has demonstrated by leaving the UW and presumably taking the millions in research grants with him. The UW will doubtless replace him with a straight man or woman, very likely married, and of course the UW will pay for their benefits without a whimper. So how again did this save the state money? I'm scratching my head.

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Communitygal said...

Of course the irony of this "saving money" argument is that the one thing the religious fundimentalists encourage more than almost anything else, having lots and lots of kids, is the most expensive part of health insurance. Pregnancy is the number one driver of health care costs. Ask an actuary. Gays and lesbians are actually significantly cheaper than straight women to insure! Yes, even the cost of covering HIV+ gay men is minimal as compared to the cost of covering pregnant women, and there are a lot more pregnant women than there are HIV+ gay men. (And don't forget that the rate of HIV in heterosexuals is matching and even exceeding the rate of HIV in gay men. In lesbians it is virtually nonexistent.)

So if you agree that we should make insurance decisions based on cost only, we should stop covering straight married couples who are procreating! Obviously that is absurd. Just as absurd as the argument that we save money by not insuring people.


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