It's Time to Get Out the Vote

This is where things get fun.

We've spent over two years calling and walking around the state to find a whole lot of people we know are going to vote "no" on the ban. Now we just have to get them to the polls.

Since it's not a presidential election year, only about 40% of eligible voters actually get out to vote. But if we can muster up enough volunteers to get the identified "no" voters to the polls, we can increase turnout by 10%. Ten percent more "no" voters is enough to defeat the ban.

It's going to take a lot (seriously... a lot) of people to make this happen. In Dane County alone, we have over 6,000 volunteer shifts to fill.

You can sign up for shifts online. And if you can, take the day off work on Election Day-- that's when we'll need a bulk of volunteers.


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