The Last Four Days

This is it. The past 2+ years of fighting this ban are all coming down to the next 13 days, and most specifically the last four days.

In all of our offices statewide, our staff and volunteer leaders are working hard to line up volunteers for Election Day and the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday before. Our Greater Wisconsin offices, which I work with, are working beyond over-time to line up 300, 400, and up to 988 volunteer shifts for GOTV weekend.

Here's why Get Out The Vote activities are the key to defeating the ban: since this isn't a presidential election year, there are a lot of people who just don't prioritize voting in this election. But we can identify these irregular voters based on voting records and cross that with our list of identified "No" voters. All we have to do is remind them how important their vote is, and make sure they get out to cast their "No" ballot.

But to reach those irregular voters, we have to fill the weekend before and Election Day with phone calls and door knocks. And we need thousands of volunteers to do that.

Why thousands?

Say we only have 10,000 "No" voters who have irregular voting habits (trust me, it's many more than that). To reach these folks, we would need 167 volunteers knocking on doors for a full four-hour shift. To move the election several points, as we need to do, these numbers grow quickly.

We can change the results on Election Day by a significant percent if we can reach these tens of thousands of voters. We need your help.

You can sign up online or stop by one of our offices and sign-up on our wall of GOTV shifts. While you’re there, you can help recruit more volunteers at a phone bank and pick up a yard sign.


At 2:40 PM, Anonymous Keith said...


New Jersey Supreme Court decision is in, as of a few minutes ago.

There is a right to all the benefits and obligations of marriage, but not the name.

This ought to GOTV for both sides, so gear up folks! The YES folks will now POUR OUT to teh polls next Tuesday, convinced that the Wisconsin court could give us a "substantially similar" status. But the NO folks will pour out, too, convinced that there is hope for our families if only we can defeat this evil thing.

But that leaves you, Josh and Mike, with putting spin on this. My suggestion, for what it's worth...

* Emphaisize, like the New Jersey court did, that THIS IS ABOUT THE CHILDREN. The children of gay and lesbian families deserve security and protection.

* Emphasize, like the New Jersey court, that the WORD marriage can be reserved for strait folks. Liberty is not about the WORD, but about the rights and obligations of citizens and households.

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Keith said...


Gundrum's campaign just issues a BIG FAT LIE of a news release. You guys need to jump on it immediately, before press deadlines.

He notes that New Jersey just "ordered" the State to begin marrying same-sex couples. NOT TRUE!

They merely noted that same-sex couples and their children have a right to obligations and security and that the ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE can and should decide what to do about the marriage question.

At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

Quote from the NJ decision:

"Despite the rich diversity of this state, the tolerance and goodness of its people, and the many recent advances made by gays and lesbians toward achieving social acceptance and equality under the law, the Court cannot find that the right to same-sex marriage is a fundamental right under our constitution."

So there, you bloody evil liar.

At 5:24 PM, Anonymous keith said...

Now that the blog is up again, I need one more comment...

Gundrum's release also notes that the ACLU is going before the Wisconsin Supreme Court asking to allow same-sex marriage. And he also notes that he fully expects the "liberal" Wisconsin court to do that.

I think that these are both lies, too.

As far as I know, there is no ACLU lawsuit going on. If there were, we would surely have been in the loop on that one!

And as far as I know, there is no way that the Wisconsin court, no matter how "liberal" they are, could invent a right to same-sex marriage, since State Law already prohibits it.

At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Gerard said...

I don't agree with the statement made in a previous comment that freedom is not about using the WORD "marriage". I believe it is. By keeping marriage, even as a word, exclusive to straight couples, what you imply is that same sex relationships are inferiour, not "worthy" of marriage. And that's wrong. I'm very happily married to my husband (we live in the Netherlands) and people who truly know and love us value this in the same way as they value a straight marriage. And that's a GREAT feeling. It feels like love, it feels like being truly appreciated, and yes, it feels like freedom.
PS: my husband and I both signed the petition, and our thoughts are with you. I'm afraid that's all we can do from over here. Good luck!


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