A Long Commute to Volunteer

Meet Debbie Rosko. Debbie is a graduate of UW-Madison who has been actively involved with theatre for many years. I first met her in the spring of 2005 when she started a job at the theatre lighting company across the hall from our Madison office. She stopped in one day to see what we were all about. Soon after, she started volunteering.

Debbie recently confessed to me that, like Hannah, she was nervous about volunteering at first. But she started with office work, moved on to phone calls, and never looked back. She became a fixture at our phone canvasses and eventually got so good that she started training other volunteers.

Unfortunately for us, last fall Debbie moved to Phoenix for her job. But the move hasn't kept her from staying active in the campaign. She follows the blog, contributes when she can, and even still volunteers when she returns to visit her family and friends.

Debbie was in town last week and decided this time to give door canvassing a try. When I asked how it went, she told me the story about knocking on her very first door. It was the home of an elderly woman-- and since older people aren't necessarily a demographic we do well with, Debbie was pretty nervous. But apparently, the woman was an actress back in her day and over the years had gotten to know several gay and lesbian people--who she described as some of the "most caring and loving people" she's had the privilege to know. She would definitely be voting "No." She said she wished she could do more to help but that because of a stroke, she was unable to volunteer. Undeterred, the woman got out her checkbook and wrote a check for $10.

Experiences like Debbie's are not at all uncommon as our supporters fan out across the state. Everywhere we go our volunteers are finding people opposed to the ban on civil unions and marriage--often times in places that you might not expect. Whether it's Republicans, labor groups, seniors, people of faith, business leaders or legal experts: everyone seems to agree that the amendment would be a huge mistake for our state.

Thanks Debbie for sticking with the campaign from afar, and for continuing to volunteer with us when you're here!


At 11:20 AM, Blogger hannah said...

You are a big reason volunteers like me and Debbie come back Justin-- you are fun to be around!! Thanks so much for continuing to be your awesome self even though you must be exhausted from the long hours!

At 4:48 AM, Blogger Diane Wensel said...

Sorry I missed you Debbie when you stopped by to say good-bye to me before you returned to Phoenix Wednesday. Read your note and will see you in a few weeks. It should be noted that you are also actively involved in GLBT issues in Arizona. You are inspriation to everyone. Hope you can make it back to WI for our victory party on Nov. 7th because you have done so much to educate people in WI about the amendment. Proud to have you as a friend and looking forward to seeing you bright smiling face soon.


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