National Eyes on Wisconsin

Last week a national Associated Press reporter flew from New York to Milwaukee to take a close look at the battle going on here in Wisconsin. Writes reporter David Crary on the fact that no state has defeated a ban on marriage or civil unions:
If there's a chance to break the streak on Nov. 7, it might be in Wisconsin, where activists believe that support from unions, college students and church leaders -- coupled with hoped for conservative apathy -- could enable them to finally overcome the string of losses.
Crary sat down with a number Wisconsinites involved in the campaign including Debbie and Candice (shown here on their front porch with their kids Nolan and Sienna and in our Story Collection Project); PFLAG mother and Oshkosh school board member Susan Werblow; and the ever-impassioned Congresswoman Gwen Moore.

Read the full article here.

Meanwhile, you may be hearing about a poll released by that shows us down from the last couple of polls. Take this news with a grain of salt. We've been saying all along that polls are not an accurate read on public opinion. We're doing-- and will continue to do-- all the hard work it takes to make sure that in 36 days the Election Day polls show what that AP article suggests.


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