One Man's Message

Ted Landon is a life-time Republican and has been very active in the Iowa County Republican Party for decades. Now in his 70s, he apparently wanted to make sure everyone in Mineral Point was clear on his position on the ban.

Ted owns a hill that soars from the bottom of High Street, which is Mineral Point’s main street. At Christmas time, Ted always lights up a huge Christmas tree at the top of the hill. But for this campaign, he had a different set of lights in mind.

Driving down High Street, you simply can’t miss it. Floating in the darkness above the town, a huge lit, "VOTE" stares down at the town. Every few seconds it is joined by a blinking "NO".

Ted’s message is visible to at least half the town. One man’s message, writ large, for everyone to see.


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Just one more reason to be proud to be from Mineral Point!

At 9:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ted!!


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