People are Doing

Adding to Josh's post from earlier today, people are not only talking-- they're doing. With just a little more than a month to go, more and more of you are pitching in on weekends, evenings, and hours during the day to do the work to make this happen.

I remember back to Mike Tate's post from way back in April titled "This is What Momentum Looks Like," and think, "No... this is what momentum looks like."

Tonight in Madison, volunteers literally lined up at the door. And every day, at our morning meeting, when all of our statewide field organizers talk about the number of calls their volunteers made and doors they knocked on, I'm reminded this momentum is happening all over Wisconsin. You know, we are actually going to beat this thing.


At 9:16 PM, Blogger Matt Berg said...

those are two of the most beautiful pictures i've seen in a long time

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous anne said...

I know some people are discouraged by recent polls...but I figure, let the YES voters become apethetic thinking they are ahead...we won't be disuaded or discouraged, instead we can tool up even more and strengthen our resolve to educate and change hearts and minds! I know I am going to up my volunteer time committment to any free minute I have!


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