Platteville: A Hotbed of Opposition to the Ban

These notes are from Kelly Cauffman, who is helping organize a storm of anti-ban activity in Platteville.

“The campus kids have been holding forums, peaceful rallies, voter registration signups, and talking in classes.

“They have also been trying to get something set up with the campus radio station.

“Off campus, Dave Rottserman has been working very, very hard with the canvassing project. Robin Timm has raised enough money that we will be doing two weeks of newspaper ads in all five Grant county newspapers. And any more money raised will be used for ads on the radio station. Depending on how much money is raised, we will be doing 30 second spots throughout the days before the campaign.

“I will be painting large plywood signs that were donated by Kathy Hottenstein, and trying to get those out this weekend.

“Robin has been giving tons of talks at the university. I mean tons, i think she is on campus more than some of the students :))

“I have sent pics and articles to both the Platteville Journal and the Exponent as press releases concerning some of the activities that the students have been doing.

“Sheri and Duane Ford (UW Dean), and a few other faculty members have speaking to various organizations around town.

“With the work that has been going on around here, I think we have a very good chance of having great numbers in this area. But it will be important to get all the people we have talked to, to actually remember to vote!!”


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