State Journal Series on the Ban

Since Sunday, the Wisconsin State Journal has been running a four-part series of front page, above-the-fold articles about the ban. The State Journal is the second largest daily newspaper in the state.

The series, authored by Jason Stein, featured four main stories examining different angles of the debate. Each of the stories was accompanied by supplemental pieces, including some compelling profiles of people affected by the debate.

If you missed the paper version, here are the links online so far:

Sunday - The showdown on gay marriage

See profiles of a gay male couple from Cambridge and a senior, unmarried couple living in Madison. As well as this background on the debate in faith communities and this FAQ.

Monday - What do researchers say about gay parenting?

The article included this profile of lesbian parents who waited years to adopt their daughter.

Tuesday - Could the same-sex ban be dumped?

Wednesday - Amendment divides but also unites

Supplemental articles for Tuesday and Wednesday are not yet online.

If you haven't sent a letter to the editor to your hometown newspaper, please help us keep the conversation going. Urge voters where you live to vote no. Our media monitor page is updated with everything you need to send a letter.


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