Student Voices for No (Part Two)

Today was a big day for the Madison Chapter of Students for a Fair Wisconsin. As part of our "Voices for No" campaign this week, we dropped 10,000 pieces of lit on both Wednesday and Thursday morning and set up a display on Thursday on Bascom Hill:

Banner on Bascom HillAnd as promised, here are the final six voices for no:

Tonya Neumann
"I'm voting no on November 7th because the greatest commandment of my faith is 'Love thy neighbor as thyself.' The teachings of Jesus Christ tell us to love and accept each other, not to judge or discriminate."

-Tonya Neumann, sophomore

David Lapidus
"I'm voting no on November 7th because the amendment bans civil unions, a practical, moral and legal alternative to marriage, and that goes too far."

-David Lapidus, active conservative on campus and blogger at Letters in Bottles

Mingwei Huang
"I'm voting no on November 7th because I believe in the liberation of all oppressed peoples."

-Mingwei Huang, junior

Will Endres
"I'm voting no on November 7th because I believe that everyone deserves the right to be happy."

-Will Endres, freshman

Amanda Bychinski
"I'm voting no on November 7th because I don't believe the government should intrude into the personal lives of its citizens."

-Amanda Bychinski, sophomore

Eli Judge
"I'm voting no on November 7th because I don't want my adopted home state to abandon its history of leadership. In the civil rights battle of our generation, I want my voice to be heard."

-Eli Judge, chair of Students for a Fair Wisconsin

Earlier today, I was stopped by a student who said to me: "Thanks for doing this. It's so great that you guys emphasized real faces and the voices of real people this week." Our "Voices for No" campaign has been quite successful in showing the diverse backgrounds and motivations of taking a stand on this issue, and it shows that students will help make history on Election Day.

Bascom Hill DisplayNote: This entry also appears on the Students for a Fair Wisconsin blog.


At 7:46 PM, Anonymous peter said...

How inspiring. If any one group of people tips the balance on this referendum, it will be the students. I hope they come out in droves on Nov. 7.

Remember, even if you aren't from Wisconsin but do go to school here, you can register to vote here!

At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can register to vote here but then you forfeit your right to vote in your home state.


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