Students Are Working Hard

The statewide student director, Leah Israel, wrote the following about the amazing student efforts to defeat the ban.

The student vote will be the deciding factor on November 7th. In the past ten years, student voter turnout has been exceedingly high and has truly had the power to make or break various elections.

Our student program is definitely on a roll. More than fifteen campuses statewide have official Student for Fair Wisconsin groups, and over twenty-five campuses are sending out a strong “vote no” message daily.

As I travel from campus to campus, I'm amazed how many students are taking time to defeat this. From 6am lit drops to chalking on Sunday nights, students are emphatic about educating their fellow classmates and friends on how detrimental and far-reaching the ban is.

Though certain student programs are allowed to have more campus visibility than others, all Students for a Fair Wisconsin group members are taking advantage of what they can do to maximize student voter turnout. At UW-Madison, Andy Gordon, Madison’s student organizer, has the ability to essentially take over campus.

While not all campuses have such a politically charged students as Madison, schools like UW-Stout and River Falls are out on campus each day doing whatever they can, whether that be lit dropping or canvassing dorms.

Seeing these young students so dedicated and excited about stopping this ban from passing is invigorating. Anyone who says students are apathetic and politically unaware are quite wrong. Students for a Fair Wisconsin ‘vote no’ and I am convinced they'll do so on November 7th in tremendously high numbers.


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