Sykes Debate Now Online

Ingrid did a terrific job today on Charlie Sykes' program. She was able to incorporate a personal perspective into the debate, while Owen had only abstract fears of Massachusetts judges and weak defenses for outlawing civil unions.

I was particularly struck after Ingrid finished talking about some of the challenges she and her partner face because they are a same-sex couple. Owen coldly responded that marriage is not about love and commitment.

Ingrid helped show the humanity of the people affected by the ban while also articulating arguments against it that should appeal to anyone's sense of reason.

You can listen for yourself. The debate is now posted on Charlie Sykes' website. You can download or stream the file here.

I greatly appreciate that Sykes has helped to foster a civil and serious examiniation of the ban.


At 4:14 PM, Blogger tray said...

yea.. i don't understand that owen is talking about with marriage not being about love!

like... what?!

then what IS the point of anyone getting married anyways? when we can have roommates to split the bills and not have to worry about that whole 'commitment / sacrifice / caring / compromise' crap. what a cold and sterile world it would be.

no wonder he is a member of "gun blogs" and supports killing.

without love.. what makes life worth living?

i guess i live in the wrong country :-P

At 7:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice job Ingrid! I think that you changed some minds today.


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